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"So You Want To Be A Cop"

Discover the captivating world of law enforcement in "So You Want To Be A Cop," the groundbreaking book that takes you behind the scenes like never before. Join Jeff and Frank as they open the doors to the locker room, the briefing room, and the gritty streets, offering a rare glimpse into the highs and lows of a cop's life.

Gain invaluable insights that typically require years of on-the-job experience to acquire. As you turn the pages, you'll realize that donning the gun and badge isn't just a job; it's an invitation to become part of an exclusive and esteemed brotherhood.

Prepare to embark on an eye-opening journey that will forever change your perspective on law enforcement. "So You Want To Be A Cop" is your passport to the heart and soul of policing.


"Terminal Hitman"

Get ready for a wild ride in "The Terminal Hitman"! When Tom Hitsman reluctantly attends his high school reunion, he comes face-to-face with the bullies who made his life a living nightmare three decades ago. But things take a deliciously dark twist when he stumbles upon their criminal activities. Determined to show that revenge is a dish best served with a side of sardonic humor, Tom known as "The Terminal Hitman" on the dark web, sets out to take down the bad guys in ways you'd never imagine. But there's more to Tom's story than just vengeance. A shocking diagnosis adds a ticking clock to his mission, infusing the journey with urgency and heartfelt emotion. Join Tom on this rollicking adventure as he battles bullies, laughs in the face of danger, and discovers that it's never too late for revenge – even if you have to go out with a bang!

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"EVIL HEART" A Screenplay by Jeff Bonilla and Vicki Howie

Now in development at 7-Waves Entertainment.  

When it looks like Mixed Martial Arts Reality Star, Jordan Ryder is going to die from a severe heart condition, her lover, cardiologist Dr. Steven Taylor, performs an unauthorized heart transplant and gives her a serial killers heart. Post-op, Jordan recovers preternaturally quickly and becomes a super natural killing machine. Every item in the hospital, from scalpel to MRI machine, becomes a deadly weapon as she creatively murders the hospital’s inhabitants one-by-one. In the end, it looks like it’s up to Veteran Detective Dale Hawthorne, and the gal he has his eye on -- brazen Nurse Sally – to take down Jordan and end the carnage of the evil heart. But can they kill something so evil? Or will it live on to terrorize again?

 "Never Die Twice," is a hilarious farce that channels the spirit of Dumb and Dumber and Naked Gun. Picture a young Jim Carrey as our protagonist, Danny Ellison, a college student with a knack for making chaos out of the ordinary.

When Danny ventures into the world of people-finding for his writing class, he stumbles into a whirlwind of trouble. Two mob families are hot on his trail, determined to seize what he unwittingly possesses, even if it means eliminating him. The problem? Danny is blissfully clueless about the deadly game unfolding around him, narrowly dodging danger in sunny Cancun, Mexico.

Enter the beautiful and determined FBI agent, Natalie, on a mission to unravel the mob mess. She teams up with our bumbling hero, desperately trying to keep him from blowing the entire investigation. But when a psychopath takes Natalie hostage, it's Danny's turn to step up and play the unexpected hero.

Will Danny rescue the girl? Will he fumble his way through an awkward kiss? And can he secure that coveted A in his writing class amidst the chaos? Find out in this tale of mistaken identities, mobsters, and unexpected heroes. "Never Die Twice" is your ticket to a sidesplitting adventure you won't want to miss!

Terminal Hitman

We all love justifiable and well-planned revenge. Interest is held throughout, cleverly using situations and emotions we all know well. A memorable tale with a perfect ending.

Interviews With Jeff


Check out this podcast we were on talking about our book "So You Want To Be A Cop" and discussing Law Enforcement. Fun time and good stories. 

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