Jeff Bonilla is a bilingual singer/songwriter music producer/composer and is a former member of the New Age Duo Mantrananda. 


Bilingual singer/songwriter Jeff composes music in a variety of genres including country, spanish, pop and ambient. 


Jeff is also an award-winning director and has written songs for short films and ad campaigns.


He lives in Southern California and is a former Police Office and co-author of the critically acclaimed book “So You Want To Be A Cop”.


Jeff Bonilla believes that as an artist you can transcend genres and touch an audience as long as what you sing and write about are accessible to the heart.


Whether he is singing a tender love song like “The First Time” or the anguished anthem “I Can See Through You”, Jeff Bonilla is at home singing in a smoky Fort Worth Texas bar to a handful of locals, just as he is singing to an audience of two thousand people on a luxury cruise ship.

“I've traveled around quite a bit and performed in front of various audiences singing everything from folk and country to pop and Spanish ballads. The one thing I've learned is that when I write a song, whether it's folk, country, or pop based or even a political song like “The Wind Rushes In”, if it touches me, then chances are it's going to touch some segment of the audience. As a writer, you usually write about significant experiences in your life or things that are going on around you. As people we all fundamentally share these experiences and emotions in one way or another, so when I sing a song like “Cedar Chest” you can bet that someone is going to relate to the emotion the song evokes, if not the story line.”


Jeff released his first CD “Flames of Desire”, which contains a mixture of country, pop, folk and latin songs.

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