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Jeff Bonilla, a Northern California resident, boasts a dynamic background as a former Police Officer and the co-author of the critically acclaimed book "So You Want To Be A Cop," alongside his latest literary endeavor, the thrilling novella "Terminal Hitman."

From his earliest memories, Jeff was a weaver of tales, crafting vibrant narratives brimming with captivating characters. He effortlessly shared these stories with anyone who would lend an ear. Over the years, Jeff's storytelling prowess evolved, culminating in the creation of more intricate and compelling narratives that now resonate with a significantly broader audience. 

In addition to his storytelling talents, Jeff Bonilla is a versatile bilingual singer/songwriter, music producer, and composer. He has lent his musical prowess to a diverse range of genres, from the heartfelt tunes of Country and the melodic rhythms of Spanish to the catchy Pop hooks and the ethereal soundscapes of ambient music.

Moreover, Jeff's creativity extends to the world of film and advertising. As an award-winning director, he has crafted captivating songs for short films and contributed his musical talents to successful ad campaigns. Jeff Bonilla's multifaceted talents converge to create a rich tapestry of creativity, making him a true story teller through music and books. He is an animal advocate and has two furry friends, Jack and Buddy. 

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