"So You Want To Be A Cop"

The first book ever written on the ups and downs of life as a cop. Jeff and Frank take you inside the locker room, the briefing room and out onto the streets. You will gain valuable insights that usually take years on the job to learn. You will also see why when you put on the gun and badge, no matter what anybody says, you become part of a very special and elite brotherhood.


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"Terminal Hitman"
New Release August 2021

When a professional hacker is confronted by his high school nemesis at his 30th reunion, he realizes its never too late for revenge.

A tale of crime and revenge with sardonic humor and colorful characters. Now available on Amazon.

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"EVIL HEART" A Screenplay by Jeff Bonilla and Vicki Howie

Now in development at 7-Waves Entertainment.  

When it looks like Mixed Martial Arts Reality Star, Jordan Ryder is going to die from a severe heart condition, her lover, cardiologist Dr. Steven Taylor, performs an unauthorized heart transplant and gives her a serial killers heart. Post-op, Jordan recovers preternaturally quickly and becomes a super natural killing machine. Every item in the hospital, from scalpel to MRI machine, becomes a deadly weapon as she creatively murders the hospital’s inhabitants one-by-one. In the end, it looks like it’s up to Veteran Detective Dale Hawthorne, and the gal he has his eye on -- brazen Nurse Sally – to take down Jordan and end the carnage of the evil heart. But can they kill something so evil? Or will it live on to terrorize again?

Check out this podcast we were on talking about our book "So You Want To Be A Cop" and discussing Law Enforcement. Fun time and good stories.